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KinderKids Introduces Exciting Workforce Development Initiative


Once again, KinderKids Learning Center is at the forefront of early childhood education. Owner Johnnie Frost announced last week that KinderKids is now the first and only center in the Lower Alabama area to offer a registered apprenticeship program in early childhood education. Through a partnership with ALDECE and the Alabama Office of Apprenticeship, KinderKids will have an opportunity to train the ECE workforce through a structured, high-quality apprenticeship program.

Apprentices will be able to choose from three pathways including CDA, Associate's Degree, or Bachelor's Degree. They will receive on-the-job instruction and mentoring from KinderKids mentor teachers while pursuing their education through universities such as Coastal Alabama Community College and University of West Alabama. Such an apprenticeship program offers employees an opportunity to pursue their education at no out-of-pocket cost.

When asked about the partnership, Mrs. Frost said "COVID taught us that early childhood education is the backbone of working Alabama. Without childcare, the workforce in Alabama would be completely stunted in its growth. I'm excited to see that our industry is now being included in workforce development discussions and that our policymakers, business leaders, and others have begun to understand that it's time to invest in our industry." Mrs. Frost is excited to see the program flourish and the impact that it will have on the early childhood education industry in Alabama. "Our greatest vision is to see our employees and the rest of the early childhood industry recognized for the selfless, hard work they do daily. To have these employees recognized as the professionals they are is incredibly exciting."

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